Meals on Wheels provides a monthly menu of nutritionally balanced meals. These meals are delivered to program participants homes by our friendly volunteers up to five days a week.

Hot, Nutritious Meals

Participants may select one of the two hot entrees offered each day.

View and download the hot meal menu by clicking the link below.

Current Hot Menu

Current Hot Menu – Spanish

Current Menu Cover

Next Month’s Hot Menu

Next Month’s Menu Cover

Frozen Meals

Frozen meals may be available to those who need help on days when we do not deliver hot meals. Those receiving frozen meals must be able to safely store and reheat these meals. The frozen meals menu has a rotation of 12 different entrees. They are suitable for diabetic diets and four meatless options are available. Milk and bread are included with frozen meals.

View and download the frozen meal menu by clicking the link below.

Current Freezer Menu

For both Hot and Frozen Meals:

  • Meals are “Diabetic Friendly” and suitable for those on a low sodium diet.
  • Diabetic Friendly Meals (including dessert or dessert substitute) range between 600 – 850 calories and 4 -8 carbohydrates.
  • Averaged over the week, menus will not exceed 1,050 mg of sodium.
  • Recipes are modified to reduce fat and sodium
  • Averaged over the week, no more than 30% of calories are from fat
  • No trans fats, tropical oils or lard are used in meals
  • A variety of fruits and vegetables are provided
  • Freshly baked breads, rolls and desserts are part of each meal.
  • One cup of 1% Milk is included with each meal; all recipes include nonfat milk
  • All meals include at least 1/3 DRI (Dietary Reference Intake for nutrients) daily

Nutrition Analysis

A nutrition analysis of each menu is provided by a registered dietitian to meet the current recommendations for fat, calories and sodium in a healthy diet.

View and download the nutrition analysis and fact sheets below.

Current Nutrition Analysis

Next Month’s Nutrition Analysis

Nutrition Facts Sheet

Diabetic and Low-Sodium Diets

We understand that each person with diabetes, or who has been prescribed a low-sodium diet, has an individual food plan. We encourage you to work with your healthcare provider to determine if the menus will meet your own calorie and sodium needs.  Feel free to share the above nutrition analysis and menus with your healthcare team.

Other Special Needs

Meatless meals are available sparingly on our hot meal menu, and the frozen meal menu offers four meatless entrees.

If you have any additional questions about our menu, let us know. We’ll be happy to assist you.